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Free Tools, Tips & Plugins for Voice Over!

Remove Mouth Sounds

Paul’s De-Clicker and De-Esser Plugins

Paste Room Tone

Punch Copy & Punch paste
(you need both)

►Best Free Plugins

#1 Plugin Live EQ

Multi-band parametric EQ, compressor, De-esser

Simulate Mics

Change your sound.
Download here.

Over 100 Plugins

See the Big List!

How To Monitor Levels Vertically:

  1. Make the Playback Level and Recording Level toolbars visible (if needed) via View > Toolbars
  2. Drag them from their left edge so they are NOT docked (floating toolbar)
  3. Click on the toolbar’s icon (tiny speaker or microphone) and “Options” will become visible. Choose Orientation > Vertical > OK
  4. Click and drag on the vertical sizing icon (triangle of thin lines) in the lower right corner of the toolbar.
  5. Move it anywhere, even outside the Audacity Window

Free Compression Plugins

  1. Dynasaur is a dynamic equalizer with RMS & PEAK modes. Multi-band compressor or peak rider and all bands have RMS or PEAK mode.
  2. On the Klanghelm DC1A, ‘Relaxed’ changes compression detection from peak to RMS.
  3. CompressiveCM is an external side chain analogue modeled RMS compressor.
  4. The dlM sixtyfive is a vintage-style, Soft-Knee RMS Compressor, inspired by the 1970s-era dbx® 165A.
  5. TDR Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamics processor with individual release control for peak and RMS content.